The 3S in Coffee Talk Ritual

It is always a pleasure to meet friends who specifically want to know how to enjoy drinking coffee. Most of this type of friends are those who drink coffee simply to keep them awake and stimulated to work. They want to know more details about coffee. I am lucky to be their friend whom they would ask to hangout with so we may share our perspectives on coffee in what I call Coffee Talk Ritual by most of the time, choosing espresso and manual brew drinks.

For every Coffee Talk Ritual, there are 3S steps to do in appreciating every cup of coffee, known as Swirl, Smell and Slurp. Let’s have a look!


The second you get your cup of coffee served before you, take it and swirl it gently to break the aromas. I usually swirl it 3-4 times.


After being broken out, the aromas will escape from the cup immediately. That is why you should immediatelly drag the cup closer to your nose to smell the aromas or you will miss them. They are like stealth. Stealth of certain flowers or fruits or spices or even soil, or candies or syrups, if you want to imagine that.


In slurping, I urge you to find your own way. Most of coffee people sip it hardly, ignoring table manner. I do that as well but my style somehow does not bother, I promise. The idea is to spray your coffee liquid through your tongue, throat and esophagus simultaneously in order for you to catch the flavors. Great coffee usually gives you the same flavors following the aromas that you smelled beforehand. Another kind of great coffee usually gives you different flavors than the references of the aromas.

These steps are commonly used by coffee people. If you like to drink coffee, you should be a coffee person. If you have not ever done these steps, you should.

With the next cup of coffee of yours, try this like a pro!

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