003 Cosmic Decision – Letters & Numbers


Was probably four or five year old when I first took my singing lesson. Were only two of us, me and Bapa in the studio. Yeah, I mention a studio because anywhere with Bapa is a fancy place. Like heaven, you know.

Time passed, I was six year old when all peer friends going to school but me. Due to financial matter I had to wait for another year. Heck, it wasn’t feeling good but I comply to my Parents for their decision: to postpone school until next year.

One day Bapa came home from office. He no longer worked to install electricity in other villages. He went up to work at the city side. Electricity installation was a work of Civil Servants in regency level. He was a Civil Servant in the city already when I was six so no need to leave us with radio cassette. He got time more often with us at home. He hit us and Mama. Was violent. I scared but admired. I comply to him in every way he is for I always love having him as my Bapa, nonetheless. I got no ability to explain why domestic violence can’t erase something called love and admiration for such a man, neither Mama can tell. She’s expert to submit to husband with not much knowledge about a thing. She thinks she’s dull. I think she’s uncommonly amazing.

Anyway, one day Bapa came home from office. He brought me two colorful papers with letters and numbers. Bapa said a man named Albert Einstein ever lived but very far away from our village. He’s very smart, he found formula about gravity. I pictured his face as similar as uncle Bob’s face on the clouds at the sky up on the pasific ocean. Uncle Bob is Mama’s big bro. I knew not Albert Einstein got different skin color. Uncle Bob got dark skin like me and played soccer, one of the best in his time.

Anyway, Bapa told me Albert Einstein can do what he did because he knew how to read, write and count. So Bapa bought the colorful papers for me, saying, “if you know how to read, you can do a lot of things and you can meet a lot of people from far away”. So my first lesson on letters and numbers begun. After a year, I entered school as the only kid who knew how to read, write and count. Bapa taught me how. Hooray!! I became Teacher’s Assistant. Was very little so I always needed chair for extra heigh, reaching blackboard to write for Teacher and friends.

I said my name is Hasoma, meaning it is ok. Meaning all is well. It is ok if.. matter of fact, it is totally fine… if friends go to school first. I have my Bapa and two colorful papers with letters and numbers. Just that and that’s ok.


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