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Coffee People Among Other Creatives

To put it simply, Creatives are those who have the ability to create out their ideas, to express themselves into creative works. While everyone on earth does have ability to create, the ones who are considered as Creatives are those who use their creative works, beyond self indulgence, for lives and for living.

While everyone can create, everyone has distinctive way to create. The same principle is applied to countries and their creative economies. While every country may run the new economy, every country has its own definition on what a creative economy means. Like wise, what it means to be Creatives.

For Indonesia, Creatives are those who use their creative works┬╣ to add values economically, socially, culturally and environmentally.┬▓
These Creatives are clustered based on their creative works into sixteen sub-sectors in Indonesia Creative Economy, namely Arts; Product Design; Visual Communication Design; Interior Design; Architecture; Performing Art; Culinary; Photography; Craft; Fashion; Film, Animation and Video; Music; Advertising; Application and Game Developer; Publishing; Television and Radio.

As a coffee person, my cluster is culinary. I also do writings, sports and crafts. By far in my encounter with other coffee people, we have similarity in which we don’t only do coffee. We create other things as well. A Barista could easily make friends with Customers because that Barista doesn’t do coffee only. There are other things that the Barista does such as tattoo, online games, photography and so on that are useful for connection with Customers. Coffee people in general are always concerned about the journey of this legal drug from seed to cup. In its journey, coffee touches many lives including the Creatives. This leads me to reflect on how wide coffee people could possibly create and connect. In the process of creating, coffee people are connected wider to other Creatives in clusters as mentioned above. To get into knowing the connections between coffee people and other Creatives, each will be explained in the next posts.

1. Some prefer to be recognized as Creators. This site chooses to use Creatives. Both terms are equally applicable. 
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